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L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippine fans Club

L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Fans Club
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this community was created to unite Philippine-based L'arc~en~Ciel fans with lj accounts, to promote the LPFC (L'arc~en~Ciel Philippine Fans Club) and inform them on the LPFC's activities, events and contests.


  • be respectful. we allow swearing but not if directed to the moderators, other members, the BAND, or other bands or artists.
  • please keep all images/icons/wallpapers under a cut.
  • please keep all posts/discussions related to the BAND and LPFC.
  • we do not allow posting of fanfiction.
  • no typing using text or chat language.
  • do not post rumors or false information. back up all claims and such.
  • do not post quizzes or quiz results.
  • file sharing / requests ~ we understand that it's very expensive to purchase albums/DVD's of the BAND and rather than letting the pirating/bootlegging industry (quiapo, etc) grow, we will allow this under the following conditions:

    • files uploaded must be friend locked.
    • all requests must be emailed to larukuphilfansclub@gmail.com. requests will be consolidated and posted by moderators on fridays.
    • upload files using yousendit or megaupload.
    • please buy original merchandise when you can. these are online store where L'Arc~en~Ciel merchandise are available:



~contact information~
for all your inquiries:
email us at larukuphilfansclub@yahoo.com

or in our forum at http://tsinoy.com/forum under MUSIC category ->

or in our official mailing list at

thank you!!!
~laruku forever~
L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippines Fans Club